Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I got a menstrual cup stuck in me!

I got a menstrual cup stuck in me!
Okay funny thing (well now in hindsight) happened to me today. I decided to try this new non-toxic menstrual cup for women that you can now buy at Walmart. Well I got excited this morning because I've been wanting to try this new product called "Instead." I inserted the cup inside of me and went off to my first day of classes. Well low and behold when I get home I decided to check on the cup. ...So yeah, that's when the fun began! I couldn't find the darn thing!

I kept reaching inside and didn't feel anything . And then I tried to remove the cup from a different position and that didn't work either. I tried squatting, bending over, lying down on my bed, vaseline, jumping up and down, taking a warm shower to relax my muscles down there......and well you get the picture; the darn menstrual cup wouldn't come out!!! I used mirrors to look inside, but I couldn't see because the cup was too far inside of me and when I felt around it, I discovered that the cup was lodged behind my pelvic bone. And you guessed it! I panicked....

I called the number on the back of the menstrual cup box, but I reached a recording with "Tips to remove the cup"prompts.

I was growing impatient and thought "Maybe I can get my neighbor to help me?" That definitely would be a true test of friendship if I made her come over to yank a menstrual cup out of my vagina...

And so I frantically called my gyno and told them my story. I was so desperate to get the darn thing out, I was willing to use a hanger (yikes!).

I eventually after 10 minutes of waiting on the phone, got the a-okay to go to the ER.

Yes indeed it was embarassing. But the ER doctor got the menstural cup out; Yay and Kudos to him and his nurse!